Chiera Land Scape Designs, LLC

A Landscape becomes a garden...

When we 'landscape' we attempt to make the best use of the available space by shaping the land to reflect the natural qualities of the site, and by selecting plant material that is a reflection of the region. A landscape becomes a garden when it becomes an extension of the owner, both functionally, aesthetically,and emotionally.

The garden as an extension of the home. That’s the concept that inspires Frank Chiera to tear down the old walls of tradition and build new ones that reflect his own original interpretation of contemporary space and sensibilty.

The Patio & Terrace as a passageway to the surrounding gardens provide increased living space and add value and style to a home. Frank Chiera has designed and installed alfresco dining areas in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess and Litchfield Counties, in the Hamptons in Suffolk County, and on rooftops and balconies in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Read an interview by Frank Chiera on Outdoor Kitchens in the Sunday New York Times article entitled The Kitchen’s Day in the Sun.
Read how we helped the Zimbard family of Scarsdale, N.Y. put their vision into practice in this artical at

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